James Buckley

Spring pin fishing for Tench

Tench fishing in Spring on the centrepin is always great fun, but this time I was fishing with John Bailey, a great friend and fisherman.

John has been pre-baiting for a while at one of the lakes I had fished with him whilst filming for Mr Crabtree Goes Fishing Series 2. There are seven gravel pits and in one of them are the most amazingly perfect dwarf Tench which grow to no bigger than a pound. We stayed the night at Carricks Castle Farm B&B (the best one there ever is in the whole world) where we had a wonderful evening meal and a great breakfast. […]

A Chub and Pike Expedition, by James Buckley

James Buckley is our ‘Peter’ from Series Two. He’s written a fantastic blog post […]

Do you always catch fish?

The River Wey is a beautiful river with rabbits and pheasants running over the meadows. It’s a peaceful river that holds a good amount of large dace, big chub and barbel, pike, roach, trout and grayling.

Whilst filming for Crabtree series 2, I meet some amazing people. One of which was Mike Holcombe of Godalming Angling Society. There is a number of lakes there and GAS is well know now for its large pure Crucians and Tench. My dad and I joined the club and we set ourselves some targets. At the top of the list was to catch a big fish on the Wey. This could be a big dace and graying or a double figure barbel. […]

A Free Meal

I just love catching perch on the float and that bob bob signals a perch fiddling with the worm. As it slides away remember to wait, wait, then Strike.

Get In! […]

My Pike Fishing Birthday

Ed’s Note: We’re delighted to publish the first blog from James Buckley, star of Series 2 of Fishing in the Footsteps of Mr. Crabtree. In his first post he shares with us his birthday adventures…

A birthday treat; I wanted to go fishing somewhere I’d not been before on my birthday and, after a quick look through The Rookery Angling Club fishing membership book, I decided it was to be a pike fishing day. […]