My Pike Fishing Birthday

Ed’s Note: We’re delighted to publish the first blog from James Buckley, star of Series 2 of Fishing in the Footsteps of Mr. Crabtree. In his first post he shares with us his birthday adventures…

A birthday treat; I wanted to go fishing somewhere I’d not been before on my birthday and, after a quick look through The Rookery Angling Club fishing membership book, I decided it was to be a pike fishing day. […]

Black Friday 2014

The Director’s Take – Reflections from Dawn ’til Dusk

In this series, Executive Producer and Director, Lester Holcombe, describes his personal take on each epsiode, touching on the trials and tribulations as well as some of the technical and organisational processes that go into putting this show together:

Weigh Sling Recovery Cradle

This is a lightweight, smooth and rot proof satin finished sling capable of holding the […]

#TBT – Not a happy bunny…

Canals Are Cracking Fun!

During the whole of the river closed season I am constantly looking to get my fishing fix. I love floater fishing for carp, spending an afternoon by a lake in the summer after work is hard to beat. It’s also a perfect time to get all of my fishing tackle in some kind of order.  I do like to try and keep my fishing varied during the closed season, purely because when the rivers open I seem to get sucked into fishing for my favourite species, the Chub. […]

The Springtime River

Just because we’ve got to put our bait rods away until June 16th, that doesn’t mean to say that we can’t spend some time along our riverbanks. […]

Day 11 – Picture the Scene