If you’re not an angler you might be wondering what all the fuss is about, and why you should even be interested.

The tales of Bernard Venables’ best-selling iconic book, Mr. Crabtree Goes Fishing, may be meaningless if you’ve not grown up with Crabtree.

So how can we tempt you?

The Crabtree ethos reaches far beyond fishing, because at its heart it’s about the most essential of human traits. Through the teachings of Mr. Crabtree we’re able to convey respect, discipline, tenacity, enthusiasm, confidence and more. We highlight the importance of role models, mentoring and guidance in forming young minds, and we do it in a way that empowers and involves children, letting them make their own mistakes in scenarios designed to boost confidence.

We have the platform to bring generations together in harmony, to cut through the gender and class divide, and to provide a level playing field for all. This is genuinely what fishing does for people, and if you listen long enough to the tales that anglers tell, you will hear this message loud and clear.

In that sense Crabtree is a movement, a force for good, and it has a pivotal place in our society. We celebrate the fusion of classic and contemporary methods, not just in fishing but in our communications with our audience. Our new book is a beautifully written and produced modern classic hardback and we revel in its tangible qualities, but are equally as comfortable in the digital arena, reaching out to our community through facebook and twitter, wholeheartedly embracing social media and contemporary communications.

We’re here to highlight not just everything that’s good about angling, but to go further, to give youngsters a direction, a passion, something else to consider and, possibly, a reason not to make the wrong choices in life.

We hope you’ll join us…