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We were exceptionally lucky to get our hands on the wonderful Petromax kit for use by cast and crew whilst we were filming Series 2. Click their logo to find out more about the range of services that survival experts Wilderness 1-2-1 provide, as well as the rest of their product range, and click the product titles to link to their shop.


Petromax Atago

The Petromax Atago is an extremely robust being constructed of stainless steel with outdoor enthusiasts in mind.  Use the Atago as a charcoal or wood burning stove, oven, barbecue or fire pit. The Atago is an unrivalled all-in-one tool allowing you to use charcoal, briquettes or firewood as your fuel. Allowing you to roast and bake in a Dutch over or use a skillet or any other cooking implement on it.  A perfect companion to the Petromax Dutch oven range. The Petromax Atago is a fantastic portable solution. With its 4 basic functions, offering options for cooking are possible. And, great for sitting around with a group of friends after a long day.

A beautiful stainless steel fire pit which is set up with a flick of the wrists. The Atago can be used as a BBQ and the Petromax FT6 Dutch oven fits perfectly in it to cook your favourite meal. One of the Atago’s best features is that its legs lift your fire up of the ground stopping unsightly fire marks at your swim.

RRP £174.99

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Petromax Fire Kettle

The Petromax Fire Kettle allows you to boil water for your favourite brew. The legs of the Fire Kettle lessen the risk of leaving unsightly fire marks at your swim. Fill the water reservoir, light a fire in the fire pan; place the reservoir on the fire pan.

Available in 2 sizes. 0.5 and 1.2 litre RRP £49.00 or £59.99

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Petromax HK 500

First build in the 19th century and patented in 1904 the Petromax HK 500 is a pressurised lantern that has stood the test of time and is as relevant today as it was in the past. A real joy to own, every part is replicable so will last you for years. The HK 500 gives out 400 watts of light and has a burn time of 8 to 10 hours.

RRP £129.99

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Petromax Dutch Ovens

Petromax Dutch Ovens are the ideal companion for caravanning, camping, picnics and outdoor activities. Perfect for cooking over an open fire or in your kitchen. They feature a specially designed lid that can be used as a skillet or a platter. The Petromax Dutch Oven is made of durable cast iron and has a pre-seasoned finish ready for immediate use.

Product Features:
•              A truly unique taste of food thanks to the specific heat transfer around the Dutch oven.
•              Food (bread, meat, vegetables) is cooked very gently to preserve nutrients and vitamins.
•              Perfect for travel, vacation, camping and outdoor activities
•              Specially designed lid that can be used as a skillet or a platter
•              Pre-seasoned surface so you can place it straight in the fire and start cooking
•              Optimal heat transfer thanks to its specific surface structure
•              Notched carry handle ensures safe and comfortable handling
•              Highest Petromax product quality
•              Available in 4 sizes, FT3, FT6, FT9 and the FT12

Petromax Dutch ovens come in 3 sizes, the Smallest is the FT3, FT6, FT 9 and the largest the FT12. The FT 3 will sit on top or the Petromax Atago BBQ grill and will feed 1 to 3 people, The FT6 and FT9 fit within the Atago and are perfect for feeding between 4 and 14 people and finally the FT 12 will feed large groups of up to 20 people.

FT3 RRP £38.49

FT6 RRP £59.99

FT9 RRP £68.49

FT12 RRP £85.49


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Petromax Coffee Percolator

The Petromax Tea and Coffee Percolator allows you to brew your preferred coffee or favourite tea while preserving their natural flavour. With the Petromax Percolator, you can make up to 9 cups (ca. 1.5l) of coffee or tea at once. It is the ideal choice for
outdoor, camping, and garden activities and is available in two different colours (black/white). The Petromax Percolator is also ideally suited for induction cooking. It’s available in Black or White editions.

RRP £22.99

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