In this Episode John and James tackle up for a Bream and Tench ‘session to remember’ on a mature gravel pit. The focus is on dawn and dusk as these are key times, but also this is a full summer session and the chaps fish right through  day and into the evening, with some fantastic action and extremes of weather. The result is most definitely a session to remember and James starts off his gallery of PBs.

Here’s the low down on how each fish was caught:

1) James first fish is a Tench of 5 lb caught on a hair-rigged maggot clip with a bunch of Enterprise red imitation buoyant maggots on a short braid hook link. He uses a size 10 hook and the rig is fished semi bolt rig with a Pallatrax Stonze attached to either a Pallatrax or Enterprise safety lead clip.

2) Fish number two is a Bream that falls to Johns rod. It weighs 8 and a half lbs and was caught on the same rig as above.
Next up it’s a small tench of around the 2lb mark again on the hair rigged maggot set up that has accounted for the first couple of fish.

Throughout we are using the lovely Lone Angler coarse rods made by Harrison’s that JB and James both say are a treat to fish with. We’ve chosen to couple them with Shimano bait runners and our set up also consists of Delkim alarms on Nash rod pods.

3) Next up another Bream for James which John guesstimates to be around the 5-6lb mark. It’s a very hot day and we don’t want to keep the fish out of the water any longer than necessary.

4) Another Bream for James and this is a specimen of 8lb and James new PB!!

5) James’ PB is quickly followed by another of a very similar size that takes the bait on the drop before James starts to even sink the line. It’s fantastic action and what a brace. This Bream goes to 8.1lb and is James’ second PB in a matter of minutes.

6) These three and the next fish – a tench of 5.15lb – have all come to a slightly tweaked rig. John, feeling that the action had slowed, decided that a slight change of hook bait might pay off. He adds a piece of the famous Enterprise imitation buoyant corn to the maggot rig and it pays off big time. It really can make the difference to your fishing if you ring the changes and make these slight adjustments. A good angler is a thinking angler!

7) John’s turn to catch and this time it is a Bream that he estimates to be around 8lbs. This beautiful slab of bronze also falling to the revised Enterprise imitation sweetcorn/maggot cocktail.

8) A huge rain storm just before Dusk and one last fish to end a glorious session on – another lovely big bream of 7.8lb that has again been tempted by the fantastic plastic hook baits.

After a day like this one, we’re happy to get back to camp and get cooking on the Petromax kit supplied by survival experts Wilderness 121 – when the rest of the gear we’re using is of such high quality we can’t be scrimping when it comes to burning the snags!