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A Sport for All Seasons

After watching the first episode of Fishing In The Footsteps of Mr Crabtree, where James and John target Tench and Bream on a gravel pit, I had a longing for the warm spring and summer days to return. In the next breath I’m telling my fishing pal Tom that I can’t wait for the temperature to drop so we can have a real good go at the Pike. […]

An Interview with Simon Pomeroy of Pallatrax

A big thank you to Simon Pomeroy of Pallatrax, not only for taking the time […]

Chris Hornsby’s Top 5 Fishing Tips

If you know Enterprise Tackle. you’ll know that the quality and innovation behind it is all down to Chris Hornsby. Spend any time with him and you’ll start to understand why his imitation baits are the de facto choice for those who know their fishing.
Here’s Chris’ Top 5 favourite items for enhancing your fishing….

An Interview with Chris Shute

Chris Shute is a member of Team Pallatrax.He joined us to share some of his […]

Chris Shute’s Crabtree Moment

Thanks to Chris Shute of  Team Pallatrax for sharing his Crabtree Moment with us…
I decided this year would be the year to give my eldest son, Alexander, his first taste of angling. I’m fortunate enough to run my own syndicate lake which contains some stunning Roach, Rudd and Perch, offering him the perfect chance of catching his very first fish. […]

An Interview with Jack Curley

How often do you fish and what do you fish for?
I normally fish at weekends and mostly for Carp. […]

An Interview with Jordan Hawkins

Most anglers would love to be able to call themselves ‘professional’. How did you manage it?
Through pure love of fishing I guess. I was fortunate enough to be a field tester with Frank Warwick baits, where I worked hard testing products, catching difficult fish and helping with advertising. I was then invited to join Enterprise Tackle last year, and it’s been brilliant! […]

The Director’s Take – Reflections from Dawn ’til Dusk

In this series, Executive Producer and Director, Lester Holcombe, describes his personal take on each epsiode, touching on the trials and tribulations as well as some of the technical and organisational processes that go into putting this show together: