After watching the first episode of Fishing In The Footsteps of Mr Crabtree, where James and John target Tench and Bream on a gravel pit, I had a longing for the warm spring and summer days to return. In the next breath I’m telling my fishing pal Tom that I can’t wait for the temperature to drop so we can have a real good go at the Pike.

Lots of sports and pastimes can’t be undertaken in all weathers and conditions. Fishing however is not one of those sports. Sure, you will always have fair weather fisherman but that is purely their choice as sitting and melting in the summer sun can be very enjoyable. I myself love the Autumn and winter months. There is something very special about the frost-bitten grass crunching underfoot on the way to a swim, and the mist flowing off the water at dawn on a cool Autumn morning.

We are very lucky with our sport that we can target so many different species in so many different ways during each season of the year. Tench in the Spring, summer Barbel fishing, Perch in the Autumn and you can always rely on a big old Chub for a bite in the coldest of Winter days.

Wind, rain, sun or snow I will always try and get on on the bank.

I have recently joined a new club water on the River Avon in Warwickshire and over the coming months I’m going to target Zander and Pike during the week and Tom and I will be enjoying some weekend sessions targeting Perch on some local still waters & Canals.

So next time you are sat on the bank in the poring rain, try and smile – after all you could be at work…