Chris HornsbyIf you know Enterprise Tackle. you’ll know that the quality and innovation behind it is all down to Chris Hornsby. Spend any time with him and you’ll start to understand why his imitation baits are the de facto choice for those who know their fishing.

Here’s Chris’ Top 5 favourite items for enhancing your fishing….


1) Popup Sweetcorn

The bait that changed carp fishing, I just can t start to imagine how many specimen carp, bream and tench have fallen to this bait over the past 15 years. There can t be too many carp angler s around that don t have at least one pack of our corn in their tackle box.

2) Imitation Maggots and Casters

The answer to the specialist angler s prayers, no longer is he left wondering if his hook bait has been mullered by small nuisance fish. A favourite with many tench anglers and responsible for the capture of more doubles over the past few years than any other bait.

3) Imitation Dog Biscuits

A favourite over the summer months, these little beauties solve the problems associated with using real mixer biscuits for surface feeding carp. A countershot weight fitted into the base of the fake mixer, inverts the bait so that the hook sits above the waterline, out of view from any wary carp.

4) Adjuster-Stop

Not just for the pleasure angler, despite being part of our range for over 16 years these stops are just as popular today with any angler looking for an in-line leger stop, that doesn’t damage the line and can be easily adjusted. These unique stops create an anti tangle stand off boom effect, and also feature a built in buffer bead to cushion the force of the lead during casting.

5) Quiver/Rod tip Nightlite Adaptors

A godsend for the river angler fishing on into darkness, I can remember many a night before these came along, spent on the river bank struggling to see my tip as it got dark. These adaptors solve the problem and can be fitted to the tip in seconds to hold an isotope or starlite, and can also be just as easily removed when not required during daylight hours.

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