Everywhere we look these days people are talking about ‘austerity measures’. We’re having to tighten our belts and watch what we spend every day, and this has a natural impact on our leisure time.

So here’s a recession-busting challenge to kick us off. Go for a session in November and spend no more than five of your British pounds (€6 / $8) in the process.

If you’re up for it, these are the rules:

1. You fish using your existing kit, terminal tackle and items from your own tackle box/bag

2. Your fishing licence should already be bought and paid for. If it’s lapsed you can renew without affecting the £5 budget

3. You must plan a fishing session that costs no more than £5 per person in total – this must include bait and fuel to get there and back

4. You can lift share and share bait, but you cannot borrow bait from friends who aren’t involved in the challenge, or use stored bait (save that for another time)

We want to know if it’s possible to fish on such a tight budget. Does anyone still jump on a bike and go fishing? Can you walk to a local river? What ingenious ideas will you come up with to meet the challenge?!

Tweet @mrcrabtree about your approach and results using #CrabtreeChallenge. Get in touch with your catch reports and let us know how you got on and we’ll share your results on Facebook.