What’s missing from this image? That’s right, it’s YOU!

As you know, we’re all about marrying the old with the new, and highlighting the fact that it’s entirely possibly to fish with really very simple methods.

Most importantly – we don’t need to know what bait or rig you’re using, or what direction the wind was blowing, or whether is was a full moon… just the basics, that’s all we’re after.

Crabtree catches are those fish that are significant for all sorts of reasons; it might be a fish you’ve never caught before, or a special day bankside that resulted in a catch that you’d like to be remembered – Crabtree moments cover all kinds of scenarios,  we’re not looking for monster catches here, or even necessarily PBs (although we appreciate the excitement of both of those).  We’re just looking for the fish you enjoyed catching.

So, are you catching? Why not tell us about it? We’ll feature as many as possible on the Facebook page, and in a gallery on the website (coming soon!).

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