Dear Team Crabtree

I would just like to thank you for sending me this amazing book, I love every paragraph, line, comic and any other illustrations.

My favourite part is reading all about the Barbel because the beautiful adjectives that are used to describe Barbel are astonishing and breathtaking, my favorite line is “ The coral pink pectorals are almost a cliché but those flanks of gold’s, russets, browns and mahogany make Barbel a magic species that will keep you hooked on fishing for life.” See, I mean honestly that is beautiful.

Of course I loved reading about the Chub considering I am literally queen of the Chub because I caught them so often whilst filming. I like it how the Chub is referred to a monster because it is really big at times and you can take them on with just about any bait. Its not just Barbel and the Chub I liked, I really liked reading about all of it and the dos and don’ts will come in handy and knots are cool looking.

So again I would just like to say thank you for sending me the book and it will always be a treasure to me and I hope when I get older I can pass it down to my children.

Love Claragh ( Peter) Kean