Nash Tackle is the fishing worlds most highly respected, dedicated carp brand. Kevin Nash started designing and manufacturing carp tackle in the seventies – a time when carp fishing was in its infancy. It is not a case of carp tackle developing since those days but rather the tackle we know today simply had not been conceived, it was Kevin that addressed that. Carp sacks, brollies, bivvies, rucksacks, rod holdalls, terminal tackle – Nash Tackle are THE original innovators.

Nash Tackle has developed its market leading position on innovation and cutting edge design. Followed by the rest and extensively coppied by more than any other, something that we are very proud of. After all if you have to copy and follow you will never have THE edge.  The best carp anglers in the world are the best because they use – Nash Tackle – Nash Bait.


Kevin Nash

Kevin needs no introduction as a person and as the driving force behind Nash Tackle, the World’s leading carp brand.  Renowned throughout the World as one of the Godfathers of modern carp angling; a true innovator, risk taker and the man who has revolutionised carp angling yet still retains his faith and love for the sport.  Whilst other brands and anglers have come and gone, Kevin remains at the fore as a World class fisherman and as a producer of World class fishing tackle and equipment. Longevity in any business sector is the ultimate testament and barometer of success and kevin was there at the start and is still at the top today. You can’t create or buy heritage and loyalty you either have it or you don’t. Kevin and Nash tackle have both because they lead the way and don’t copy others.

Alan Blair

Kevin’s right hand man and the operations director at Nash Tackle. We have already championed Alan as the face of 21st century angling.  Alan is a great all round angler and is simply a joy to watch.  Meticulous in every element of his preparation – check out those rigs! Alan’s unadulterated joy of angling is contagious and he is tirelessly generous with his time.  Leader of Kevin Nash’s initiative to take fishing to kids that the rest of the society would rather forget about; Alan is set to be to angling what Bear Grylls is to adventuring.



The Demon Eye – reviewed by Lester Holcombe

I have got to know Kevin Nash well through the Mr Crabtree project. Of course as an angler, and now for many years someone who, (when I get the chance to go fishing), likes to pursue Carp, I have been well acquainted with Kevin Nash the Carp angler and the man behind Nash Tackle. But I didn’t know him.

What I did know was that the inventions and innovations of his tackle, equipment and especially his terminal gear were truly brilliant and helped me catch fish. He has created so many pieces of tackle that make it all so much easier and, again for me, it has always been those items that appear so simple once you have them to hand, that are the real genius.

I know him now and I like him. I know his creativity, his motivation, passion and non-stop striving to create something new and push the boundaries. He’s funny, bright and is not one to hide under a bushel – and he’s very human. I was lucky enough to read the book before it was released and I think it’s a brave and bold book. If you are a Carp angler you will love it without a doubt, but there is plenty of appeal to all anglers. Kevin is up front and honest and he pulls no punches in the Demon Eye so you get to see the man behind the myth as well to share in some of the great moments that have shaped modern Carp fishing and the role Kevin has played in the sport.