Mr.CrabtreeSays_FacebookA Crabtree Champion is an individual, club, association, group, teacher, shop owner or angling supporter that is GENUINELY helping angling. They might be giving their time to get others fishing, teaching or coaching, or just offering the kind of advice that makes fishing more accessible.

A Crabtree Champion doesn’t go looking for accolades, fame or fortune – and that’s why we want to highlight them! There are fewer children than ever taking up fishing, and we need to spotlight the true champions who are working tirelessly to keep our sport alive!

Use this form to nominate your Crabtree Champion. Tell us what's special about them and how they inspire you. Remember, they don't have to be famous or legendary in any way - they just have to be making a difference to YOU... and if they're making a difference to other people too, then that's even better!

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