Series 2 of Fishing in the Footsteps of Mr. Crabtree is nearly with us. We’re currently polishing off the final edits and adding those little extras that make our shows really special, and we can’t wait to show it to you. To be the first to hear about when it’s on, don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter, or join our Facebook and Twitter pages.
We’ve had a wonderful time making Series 2 and it shows in every second on screen. John Bailey has excelled himself as our presenter, and young James Buckley (JB MKII) has been an exceptional protégé in every way. Their adventures are truly reflective of the summer holidays of yore – when the world revolved around fishing in all of its glory, and the day began and ended with bankside tales and conversations punctuated by gentle snoring as you slip away into an exhausted slumber in front of a campfire.

We’ve been delighted to be joined on this series by some fantastic guests who’ve really brought something special to the programme. The Crabtree values that we strive to uphold have been clear to see in everyone we’ve met, and it’s been heartening to know that so much of what makes fishing such a worthwhile sport still exists in its contemporary champions.

This series will have a really interactive feel – you’ll be able to access catch reports on every fish caught throughout the series, find out what bait, rig, method and tackle we’ve used and where you can find the same (should you want to). We’re also looking forward to hearing from you live during the broadcast, so don’t forget to join us on Twitter and use #MrCrabtree to discuss your thoughts.

As always, we hope that this series will inspire you to get out on the banks, to share your love of the sport with others, and not only to champion what’s good, but to start to break down the stereotypes and assumptions that damage the sport and those who enjoy it. Embrace The Crabtree Way and join us….

Tight Lines one and all!