photo-94So the river season is well and truly in full swing, and wonderful specimen fish are being banked all over the country by young and old anglers alike. It was great to see the build up to the magical June the 16th across all social media and amongst friends, and it’s a true sign that the passion for angling still runs deep amongst all.

Lack of rain and bright sunny days have made my start to the season a lot more difficult than I had hoped. My first fish of the season was an Eel, caught in a swim pre-baited through the night ready for Perch. The Chub, of course, have kept me busy and I’m only on my third Barbel, but fishing, as we all know, is a waiting game and I am more than happy to wait.

With my bait fishing being slow, I decided I needed a Plan B and what better way to see the river and find some fish, than to do some lure fishing. 

Rivers are packed with predator fish, all of which are partial to a rubber bait or shiny spinner.

Jig fishing can give you some great information on the river bed too. Bouncing a light jig head along some of your regular swims will tell you what’s gravel, where the weed is etc. So not only are you fishing, you are gaining valuable information for when you come back to a swim with your bait rods.

Taking a small selection of artificial baits and my 6ft lure rod, has saved me a blank on my last two sessions. I have seen Barbel still in spawn, and along with the heat and crystal clear water, bait fishing has been painfully slow.

If it is doing some lure fishing, or leaving 80% of your normal gear at home and walking meadow upon meadow to find the fish, a Plan B is a must.

If you’ve had a stressful day at work, school or college, just being put on the bank is enough. Fishing, as we are all aware, is about enjoying it, but remember it’s a lot more fun if we are catching fish!

Come up with a Plan B and give it a go, it will take you out of your comfort zone sometimes, but it can be well worth it. Undoubtedly a Plan C, D, E might be needed, but even they might not work. Either way, you will be fishing and learning and that’s the most important.