Jimmy Sallis

River Knowledge – How Roving can make all the difference

Ed’s note: This is the second in a series of four posts from our resident river rover,  Jimmy Sallis. Predominantly a river angler Jimmy does occasionally dip into stillwaters too.  You can also find him on twitter as @jimmysallis and facebook, and he’ll be here on weekly basis sharing his bankside exploits. Catch up with his other posts here.
 What’s underneath the surface?
Where are the fish located?
Roving can answer these questions, and to me it is probably the biggest benefit in taking the time out to do it. The closed season is a fantastic opportunity to not only whet your appetite for June the 16th but also to obtain a valuable understanding of the river and its surroundings. […]

Never Rule Out River Roving

There’s an old saying, ‘Never say never.’ True in many forms of life and especially fishing, as a positive attitude can be the difference between a good or bad day on the banks, and my first rule of river fishing is NEVER rule out roving the rivers you fish. […]

Meet Jimmy Sallis…

It’s always a pleasure to meet young anglers, especially those who like to fish in the footsteps of Mr. Crabtree.  Jimmy Sallis is one of those anglers; he’s lucky enough to be able to fish every day, and he fishes for all species – Mr. Crabtree would be proud.

Jimmy is predominantly a river angler and you’ll soon be seeing more of him right here on the Crabtree website as he shares his river exploits with us. Jimmy can also be found on twitter as @jimmysallis – go say hello – in the meantime we grabbed 10 minutes with him to get the low down on his angling credentials. 

How often do you fish and what do you fish for?

I try to fish every day, work and weather permitting. Obviously the summer months are the best for me as the nights are longer, however I  always try and fish through dusk and into the dark and this time can be the best part of any session.  By far my favourite fish is the Chub. I generally target Chub & Barbel, but dependent on how I’m fishing, I’m happy for any species to find my hook bait. […]