Jimmy Sallis

You only need an hour or two…

I’m fortunate enough to live only a 5 minute drive from some of my favourite club river waters and only 15 minutes to some cracking still waters.

However 5 minutes or 15 minutes, we all have to work, some of us more than others granted, but this seems to get in the way of all of our bankside time. […]

Jimmy’s Perch Quest – Week 2

Tom and I returned to the same lake and same swim hoping for some more […]

My Perch Diary – Week One – Jimmy Sallis

After managing to talk my mate Tom (he normally just comes to get out)  into buying  a day licence and coming fishing with me for the day we decided to pick a new Perch venue.

On talking to a couple of my match fishing friends we came to a decision on a commercial fishery just up the road from us. The oldest pool on the complex had plenty of cover and natural features looking good for the species we were after. […]

Flood water fishing

With what seemed like all the rivers in the country being in flood I had made up my mind to stay safe for a while and fish some still waters until they started to subside.

During floods and flood warning periods I ALWAYS recommend that if you are in any doubt about the water levels or weather patterns, stay home and wait it out. Don’t ever risk your safety. If you do hit the banks, don’t go near the water edge when the river is in flood. Look for a level on a feature on the far bank, ie a tree or a wall and keep an eye on it. […]

My year in review – Jimmy Sallis

Another year has flown by, and it was probably the best year for fishing of my angling lifetime. Looking back through all my photos I really have been lucky with some of the fish that have slipped over my net. Nothing massive or record breaking, but fish I have hunted down and outwitted in the joust between man and animal. […]

The Power of Three – my first attempt….

After my week long prep for this month’s Crabtree challenge it was time to pack up the motor and head to the lake. My target species for the day was Perch. The plan was to fish light one peg along from my perch rods and hopefully catch some nice silver fish and complete the challenge. […]

Planning for the December #CrabtreeChallenge

With a couple of days to go until my first attempt at the December Challenge I’ve had to put some thought into how I was going to approach it.

I only ever normally fish the rivers when the season is open. It’s the type of fishing I love most but with a perch hunting session arranged at the weekend I have decided to give a local still water I know a go to complete this challenge. […]

A welcome set of teeth

As I write this I am currently sat on the bank under the stars fishing for Perch. It’s that time of year where the temperature has finally dropped and those of us that choose to have cracked open the lure box and readied all of our predator fish gear.

The cold weather seems to be the best time of year for it, but many anglers have great success all year round. […]