Jimmy’s Challenge

Many of you will have followed John Bailey’s recent #BarbelChallenge when an Angler’s Mail reader […]

Taking your first fishing footsteps

As Team Crabtree we spend a lot of time chatting to different angling organisations, brands and tackle manufacturers, as well as anglers themselves, and for everyone in the industry it’s vital that the sport continues to be the number #1 participatory past-time that it’s always been. For this to be the case it’s paramount that newcomers are welcomed and given the opportunity to get involved. We all have a part to play in that and, from what we’ve seen, there’s already a lot of work being done by good people to this end. […]

Five things we learned at The Big One

So that was The Big One and WOW, wasn’t it just? If you’re ever in need of a reminder of how healthy the sport is, or the amount of passion that anglers have for what they do all you need to do is pop along to a trade show and watch the world go by. […]