Crabtree Moments

Chris Shute’s Crabtree Moment

Thanks to Chris Shute of  Team Pallatrax for sharing his Crabtree Moment with us…
I decided this year would be the year to give my eldest son, Alexander, his first taste of angling. I’m fortunate enough to run my own syndicate lake which contains some stunning Roach, Rudd and Perch, offering him the perfect chance of catching his very first fish. […]

Kaelan Deady’s Crabtree Catch

This was the first Chub I hooked and landed with little help from my dad. […]

Fishing the Crabtree Way

Charlie Pomeroy, the youngest member of the Pallatrax Clan, went fishing recently with his Beaver […]

Crabtree Catch: Jack Potter

Eight year old Jack and his Dad, Andy caught this beauty on a recent trip. […]

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