OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARob has always lead an outdoor life, something which led to him establishing Wilderness 1-2-1 (an outdoor skills and equipment supply business) in 2000, with his partner Mel.  This supported his love for remote travel; tracking; wildlife; Land Rovers and photography. 

Today, the business continues to offer training to people with a wide range of needs – from delivering man tracking and medical training to Search & Rescue personnel; to preparing people for gap years. expeditions or remote working – not just the skills to survive keep yourself out of trouble, but also expedition medicine.  “We got to a stage with the equipment supply side where we kept getting contacted by manufacturers from all over the world to supply their products – from large corporates, to people just starting out and producing products in their living rooms with their family.  They liked the fact that we were end users of kit with significant experience and that we would get behind any product where we saw good potential.  That led to us making a decision to distribute some of the brands which we signed up to retailers, and hence P4 Distribution was born.

Our relationship with Petromax started when we were exhibiting a new product at the Outdoor Show in Germany – you just can’t walk past something as shiny and interesting as a Petromax stand and not go and take a look.  Petromax are that rare combination of a company with beautiful, functional and maintainable products with a history dating back over 100 years and with some new products being developed which I am sure will also stand the same test of time.  In the UK, we are way behind when it comes to camping and living outdoors, you only have to visit Africa or Australia to find that out.  We are only just starting to remember how to cook and live outside again.  You don’t have to be uncomfortable and live on pasties when you are out in the woods or by the water – people have lived, cooked, slept and flourished outdoors for a long time before we all decided to eat pot noodles and army rations.  Petromax is a brand that will stand its ground with not only glampers – but people who love the functionality and quality of the products.

Rob and Adrian of Wilderness 1-2-1 / Prepared-4 were instrumental in ensuring that cast and crew were fed and watered throughout the filming of Series 2, thanks to the loan of some of the best kit that Petromax has to offer. You can find out more about the products we loved here. We caught up with Rob during filming for a quick interview on his own fishing exploits…

1) Most anglers would love to be able to call themselves ‘professional’. How did you manage it?

Many hours of failure, with small dabs of self illusion..

2) How often do you fish and what do you fish for?

These days, not as often as I should, but I have been a regular on general course and game fishing since I was 8 (30 years). During that time, I have fished in many places in the UK, not to mention some very deep lakes in the US and some of the jungle rivers in Guyana.

3) What do you think are the most pressing issues in angling today?
Litter – it winds me up that people leave too much trace of their previous use of a good swim.

4) What are your earliest fishing memories? Who taught you?

Earliest fishing memory was being taught by my father on a holiday in Devon. He had been a keen fisherman during the 50’s and 60’s. Basic set up, I still own the majority of the kit that we used on that trip – including a beautiful little Daiwa ledgerman 2 piece rod – with a bit of bread used as a bobbin/bite indicator on the line.

5) What lessons would you pass on to today’s young anglers?

Keep it simple. You don’t need lots of kit. Learn to enjoy and appreciate the world around you and get the most that you can from your time by the water