Josh WhiteMany thanks to Josh White of Team Pallatrax for being part of our ‘An Interview With’ series…

Q: How often do you fish and what do you fish for?
I try my best to fish whenever possible, at least once a week. Now the summer holidays have started to kick in and I have finished all my exams this will free up a lot more time for me. I specialize in carp angling, but I can angle for other species such as tench, chub and barbel.

Q: Is there anything in fishing that you haven’t done? What are your ambitions?
I would love to catch a record breaking eel!

Q: What lessons would you pass on to today’s young anglers?
Understand the carp – try to get in the fishes head and learn how they behave, how they feed, and give them what they want to eat not what you want them to eat.

Do not fix something that isn’t broken.