Most anglers would love to be able to call themselves ‘professional’. How did you manage it?

Through pure love of fishing I guess. I was fortunate enough to be a field tester with Frank Warwick baits, where I worked hard testing products, catching difficult fish and helping with advertising. I was then invited to join Enterprise Tackle last year, and it’s been brilliant!

How often do you fish and what do you fish for?

Not as often as I used to, long gone are the days of four nights a week. Having family commitments and a new job, time is very precious, so I get out as and when I can. I target Carp mainly, but if I’m near water I’ll catch what it has.

What do you think are the most pressing issues in angling today?

I feel there are a lot of issues in angling today, fish welfare being a big one, in particular mouth damage from barbless hooks. Another big one is over stocked lakes and the blanket rules banning everything under the sun, it really grinds my gears how some owners make up stupid rules based on rumours. If they put as much effort into maintaining the water quality and quality of the fish, as they do on sucking the fun out of the sport, it will be a much happier healthier place.

What are your earliest fishing memories? Who taught you?

I started fishing in Cyprus, catching tiddlers of the rocks. I most enjoyed my time in Germany, where I developed my skills. I loved rowing out to an old overgrown island in the middle of an old dark German lake, deep in the woods, almost forgotten by the world, the fish were so dark, so pristine, so elegant in the way they moved, fed and fight. Some memories that will stay with me for life.

Is there anything in fishing that you haven’t done? What are your ambitions?

I haven’t caught a Barbel from a river yet. I’ve had them in lakes, but I really fancy battling with old whiskers, I think they are beautiful fish and they present a good challenge, which I love.

Do you have any angling heroes? What do you most admire about them?

Of course I do. Everyone does. I have a lot of admiration for Frank Warwick, his skills are second to none and rigs wise, the bloke is a genius. And Terry Hearn, I find his determination and absolute dedication something that we should all admire.

What lessons would you pass on to today’s young anglers?

Enjoy yourself! One thing I would say is pay attention to water craft, don’t get sucked into the first swim you see. Take an hour out at the start of the session and go for a walk around the lake. If you find them and put a bait on their heads, you will catch them. It’s that simple.