James WenglorzMany thanks to James Wenglorz of Team Pallatrax for taking the time to be part of our ‘An Interview With’ series….

Q: Most anglers would love to be able to call themselves ‘professional’. How did you manage it?
I’m not, it’s just a hobby for me.

Q: How often do you fish and what do you fish for?
Generally 6-10 nights a month fishing predominantly for carp.

Q: What do you think are the most pressing issues in angling today?
Predation of our fisheries both natural and man made, with otter predation being the most alarming.

Q: Give us some PB stats – what are you most proud of and why?
In the last two months I have managed a new UK PB for common & mirror both from Ashmead in Somerset. The common weighed 38lb 9oz and the mirror weighed 38lb 10oz!

Q: What are your earliest fishing memories? Who taught you?
When I was 15 years of age fishing my local river for whatever would throw itself on my hook! Mainly gudgeon and dace to start with.

Q: How influential has Mr Crabtree been in your angling life?
It was one of the first angling books I read and captured the magic of angling perfectly.

Q: Is there anything in fishing that you haven’t done? What are your ambitions?
I would like to catch a homegrown Somerset 50lb common carp. Also a blue marlin.

Q: Do you have any angling heroes? What do you most admire about them?
Terry Hearne – a cracking angler with no ego whatsoever and someone who inspired through past captures to target carp as a species.

Q: What lessons would you pass on to today’s young anglers?
Enjoy angling for what it is and that’s a hobby which throws up some of natures delights along the way, if you keep your eyes open. Also to respect everyone and everything around you.

Q: Describe your favourite ‘Crabtree moment’ you’ve had whilst fishing
Catching my first 2lb river perch from a big overhanging willow.