After Paula collected us from the train station we went through Norfolk to our apartment at Lyng. When we arrived she gave us half an hour to get sorted and then she would come back and take us for a walk around the lakes.After 45 minutes we were halfway around the lake and were turning back to head to the ranch when Paula spotted John walking around the lake to find us.  As she called him over I started grinning like an idiot because I was so excited that John Bailey was right in front of me and in 24 hours I would be fishing with him!!

When we went for dinner I met the rest of the crew and we talked about what we would do tomorrow. After finishing dinner me and mum played some pool and I won! Then we decided to call it a night and headed off to bed.

It was an early morning and my alarm failed so mum had to get me up so I didn’t keep everyone waiting! When I finally got ready we headed down to a lovely river to film the opening sequence. It was fun filming but we didn’t catch until we came to a roach hotspot where we pulled them out until breakfast.

After breakfast we did mainly fishing with a bit of filming all the way until lunch when we went to a chub place which was amazing!

We filmed sunset and headed to bed because we had another early start in the morning.

Early the next morning we went back to the chub place and tried to catch another one but they were very spooked and we had to keep feeding maggots to get them confident and then we trotted a stick float down the swim until the float just dipped under and I was into a big fish! After a hectic battle and John yelling” keep it out those reeds!!!!” we netted the fish took photos and got some great underwater filming.

Next we went to Kings Lynn and helped clean up the river there.

By the time we got back we only had time for one short roach session before packing up.

When the time came to pack up I really didn’t want to so John let me carry on fishing on the lobster pot where I caught 4 or 5 alright sized roach and then I hooked a 15 or so pound carp which I was playing on a centre pin (new for me) with 3 pound line so I managed to get it to the surface until it looked into my eyes and I looked into its eyes and then it just decided it wasn’t coming in and bolted straight to the snags at snapped me off instantly.

I did try my best to catch a carp, with help from Sarah late into the night fishing by torch light but it just didn’t work so we had to give in and pack up.

Thank you every one who helped I will never forget my time and I hope to see you again.