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Mike Duddy: “Dear John – what a great series – well done, congratulations……LOVE IT”

John: “Hi folks … Best way to sum up what i think of the classy programme is … it makes me smile :-) .. Hope there are many projects planned for the future? i for one is a fan :-) ……best regards John”

Les Jones –  “Have just watched the second episode. I can honestly relate to the programme. Catching roach and dace and the odd chub, really bought back my early fishing days. The enthusiam and anticipation really comes to the fore in both anglers. Keep up the good work.

I would love to be involved in something like this.”

Tim Knight – Angler’s Mail Editor: “I enjoyed the show. I suppose I have a vested interest but this would have been a style of show (if I wasn’t in the trade and helped pick winners/promote) that I would have been aching to see. Tadhg was superb – really bubbly, bright and natural. Glad he kept the mohawk! Proper wild fishing and the surroundings came across well. Plus it worked with the extra “get kids hooked and care for the environment” angle of variety by getting along to the overgrown stream.

Angling’s had nothing of this quality “keep it real” nature on free TV since Passion for Angling (which took a top BBC wildlife lensman aaaaaaages to make) – which is why some people of course will try to compare the two.”

Gary Doherty: Great TV – fish care and handling suburb. The way you treat the kids feels like you are pals going on an adventure,must make another series to show not all kids are thugs and hooligans – that’s how they are usually shown to be nowadays.

Leslie Hancock: Love the program, best fishing programme I have seen. I am 50 years old and I go fishing with my dad – he is 81 years old cannot wait to watch it again on Thursday night.

Peter Jones: Absolutely brilliant, best fishing TV for a long time, It will be a classic like ”A passion for angling”.  Those kids? Wahey! Rock on for the rest of the series

Colin Mitchell – Angler’s Mail Blogger

Glyn D Atkins: “Having watched episode two I have to say that it was just as informative well produced and as equally well presented as episode one. It seems to be going from strength to strength it’s nice to see the youngsters playing Peter showing so much enthusiasm and a very good knowledge of angling John Bailey and the team have truly brought the past and present together. Well done and keep up the great contribution you are giving to angling. ”

Tony Bower: ‘Brilliant second programme, this series should be commissioned for all schools and also mainstream tv – there is far far too much reality/cooking/DIY etc shows on these days – this series is beautifully shot, directed and is very educational. Well done to you all – it captures the excitement of fishing and the wonder of nature perfectly. I am too old to be a ”Peter” – but can I help in series 2!  Yours, inspired, Tony

Lawrence Breakspear:  “I think, well, after the first episode, things look good. I am disappointed with some social media reviewers because of their expectation that the series would be all cane rods, ancient tackle and old methods, I have explained to them it is in the footsteps of Crabtree, or in the spirit of Crabtree, not a mirror image of it. I think John’s portrayal of the experienced adult to the young novice is brilliant, John also engenders a less intensive approach to fishing, he does it well, I think it will go down as one of the great angling programmes, so far so good….a great production, well done to John and the team!”

Sam Gallagher: “When I was watching Crabtree back it struck me what I had accomplished! A PB, and on TV – it doesn’t get any better for me! Breathtaking scenery and the way everything was captured was simply magical! The best fishing I’ve ever experienced! Anyone who is as keen as I am will know that is what fishing’s all about! And now hopefully children now will see that and experience it because there is nothing better than accomplishing that dream of yours!”

Belinda Fletcher: “Loved it! It was so nice to watch something that was at a relaxed pace rather than the 90-mile an hour tv fodder usually on the box. Thank you for reigniting fond memories of my husband’s fishings days as a lad – that he shared through the TV episode with his now young daughters. Thanks :)”