Set in beautiful Hampshire countryside, close to Winchester, Sparsholt College Hampshire is renowned as one of the UK’s leading land-based colleges with a national and international reputation for excellence in education and training in this sector.

For those interested in a career working with freshwater fisheries and fish farming or exotic and ornamental fish, it is widely recognised in the industry that Sparsholt offers the best training. With a Fishery Studies Department that includes:

  • National Aquatics Training Centre – unique in the UK – for work with ornamental fish and warm water aquaculture species such as carp, catfish and tilapia. The building is a 650m² purpose-built fish house holding stocks of carp, catfish, tilapia and a massive range of ornamental species. The building features a large indoor koi pool, research areas and fully up-to-date holding systems.
  • Salmonid Rearing and Trials Centre – a state of the art facility for rearing cold water species. Supplied by borehole water, the site produces brown trout for restocking and rainbow trout and Artic char for the table.  Also provides a site for a number of commercial trials on fish feed for the largest fish nutrition manufacturers in Britain.
  • Fishing lake with a surface area of approximately one hectare for practical fishery management training and on-site angling. The lake holds stocks of carp, roach, rudd, bream, crucian carp and tench.
  • Amazing access to fisheries, fish farms and ornamental fish facilities across the country.
  • Unparalleled contacts with the industry and related organisations in this country and abroad – great for jobs and work experience.
  • Well-known experts on the staff roster, all of whom have extensive industry experience, whether that be fish farming, carrying out environmental work or writing for fish magazines and if you read the fish magazines, you’ll know many of these people already!

In addition to its fine reputation for Fishery Studies, the College also offers courses in Agriculture; Animal Management and Veterinary Nursing; Arboriculture, Forestry and Woodland Management; Conservation, Countryside Management and the Environment; Equine Studies; Game and Wildlife; Horticulture and Garden Design; Motor Vehicle and Sport, Outdoor Adventure and Public (Uniformed) Services.

For more information please call 01962 776441