About Shimano

To most anglers the name Shimano requires very little introduction. These fishing tackle giants are renowned worldwide for supplying only the finest reels on the market. Take for instance the baitrunner reel, these were launched many years ago, and even though many other manufacturers have tried to copy over the years, they are still the reels of choice for the vast majority of specimen anglers today. As well as reels, Shimano also produce some of the finest rods, luggage and other accessories to cater for whatever style of angling you are into.

We realise that everyone is in a different place with their own fishing, so even though we manufacturer some of the worlds most technologically advanced equipment, we have also made sure that even if you are just looking to get into fishing for the first time, there is a cost effective entry solution to suit your needs

Here at Shimano, we take into account the needs of the everyday angler and we put this into the development of all our products. We have some of the biggest names in angling onboard working alongside our product designers, including the likes of Terry Hearn, Iain Macmillan, Mick Brown, Mark Pollard and Jan Porter to name a few. The input these professional anglers provide is totally invaluable and helps to ensure that our products provide the angler with the tools they need to fish effectively.


Whether you are a seasoned carp angler, match fisherman, keen sea angler or maybe just prefer to dabble in a bit of pleasure fishing from time to time, there is something for everyone within our extensive product portfolio.

Why do we work with Shimano?

Simply because they’re good at what they do. They make great products, that last, and they work. What more do you need?