I have been fishing for at least 35 years and mainly for Carp, but also like to do some float fishing for Tench, Bream and silver fish.  I would also like to catch a Barbel sometime soon, as I never have had the pleasure. I go fishing fishing at least twice a month, if the wife lets me.

A friend of the family got me interested in fishing, and I went to a local runs water to try my luck. From then on “I had the Bug, and was caught”.  When I was seven years old, all I wanted for Christmas and birthdays was some kit to go fishing.  Mind you, I am now almost forty two and things haven’t changed that much, I’d still like some more kit (Hee Hee!!).

In 2008, my wife had two miscarriages, and that was the first trigger for my deep depression. I had no help from work and was told to move from night shift to day shift due to health issues, doing so, losing £2,400 pa. In 2010, I lost my job which triggered my depression even more.

After a year of just sitting at home and filling in on over 400 application forms and signing on, my depression was making me very anti-social and very low. I was on anti-depressants and went to countless counselling sessions.

Eventually, I decided to go for a 24 hour session on a local big fish water. So, I got everything I needed, packed the car and went. From that time on I never looked back.

The first thing the session helped me with, was giving me something to look forward to, help me recharge myself and give me energy to face my fears head on. It also gave me another way at looking at things, looking at problems separately,  like redefining one rig to suit situation in front of me, to make it more effective. When I got back from the session, I did the same with all the problems which were building up at home. I took one of the letters phoned them up explained my situation, being unemployed, on anti-depressants and feeling low. Then I moved on to the next one then the next one.

Secondly, when I had a run, all the adjustments worked. I knew that I had done something right and the feeling of happiness and adrenalin kicked in. It was the best feeling I had in a long long time. The smile on my face was a joy for all my family and friends to see and compliment me on. That just made me smile more. The only thing is, as every angler knows, that feeling is very addictive and you always go back for more!

Anyway I cannot ramble on too much, but for all the anglers out there, who feel depressed. I say go for a session, for a day. Then apply your angling techniques to your problems at home. Look what you got, and adjust accordingly. Now I’m on a temporary ongoing contract with a possible chance of take on full-time employment.

I look forward to every session. My wife and step daughter have a smile on their faces every day.

By the way, the carp I caught that day was a new personal best: a 27lb 3oz common.