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Meet the Young Anglers – Rebekah Thompson

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My fishing started at the grand old age of around two while on a family holiday in France that – by some amazing coincidence – happened to have a lake on site that my dad could fish for his beloved carp after spending the day time with me and my mum. My dad bought my mum a small fishing pole/whip for her to catch roach and skimmer bream on, but it soon became my first fishing pole instead!

I remember the first time the pole float went under, I striked and (as my dad says) sent the poor roach to the Moon!  My dad had to retrieve the fish from the tree behind us for me to then run in to our caravan to show mum what I had caught and happened to drop the fish in bed with her which went down a storm! […]

My Story: Darryl Dodd

I have been fishing for at least 35 years and mainly for Carp, but also like to do some float fishing for Tench, Bream and silver fish.  I would also like to catch a Barbel sometime soon, as I never have had the pleasure. I go fishing fishing at least twice a month, if the wife lets me.

A friend of the family got me interested in fishing, and I went to a local runs water to try my luck. From then on “I had the Bug, and was caught”.  When I was seven years old, all I wanted for Christmas and birthdays was some kit to go fishing.  Mind you, I am now almost forty two and things haven’t changed that much, I’d still like some more kit (Hee Hee!!). […]

My Story – Baz Fisher

‘…but I could tie a spade end’

Ed’s Note – We met Baz when we put out a request on the  Mr Crabtree Facebook page for stories from people about how fishing has made a real difference to their lives.

His story is both tragic and inspiring and it’s impossible not to be moved when reading it. If you’d like to tell your story, you can do it directly here on the website or get in touch with us on Facebook – help to inspire others by sharing your tales.