My First Fish

My First Fish: Jack Perks

Jack Perks is one of the talented cameramen who have been working on Series 2 […]

My First Fish – James Graham

I am 15 and my friend took me for a day’s fishing for some quality […]

My First Fish: Philip Calder

I can remember my first fish like it was yesterday.  I was seven, although now some 43 years later, that first fish has stuck in my memory like a dream.  It was the first time my pipe smoking father, Jack, took me with him and we fished a private piece of the River Cam, just outside Cambridge, at a farm in Grantchester.  The Cam idled through this land, with a quiet reassurance, of time on its hands. […]

My First Fish: Gordon Cheal

My Dad had arranged for me to fish a farm pond as he knew the […]

My First Fish: Geoff Ferguson

My First Fish it was the early sixties, one very small brown trout caught on […]

My First Fish: Terry Russell

My first fish was when I was nine years old.  I was taken by school […]

My First Fish: Jack Curley

It was a mid summers day, and me and my friend, Will, were fishing at […]

My First Fish: Les Jones

This is a photograph of me aged 7 that appeared in the Angling Times 46 […]