My First Fish

My First Fish: Jack Perks

Read more; September 8, 2014

Jack Perks is one of the talented cameramen who have been working on Series 2 of Mr. Crabtree Goes Fishing, which will be broadcast this autumn.   Here he tells us the story of his first fish… This was my first ever fish, a Chub, when I was 14, roughly ten years ago. After three or […]

My First Fish – James Graham

Read more; May 5, 2014

I am 15 and my friend took me for a day’s fishing for some quality roach and bream and the odd tench or two. I really enjoyed watching the bubbles of the fish feeder on our worms and maggots, and my friend said to me get some tackle and start fishing. I said: “I don’t […]

My First Fish: Philip Calder

Read more; June 6, 2013

I can remember my first fish like it was yesterday.  I was seven, although now some 43 years later, that first fish has stuck in my memory like a dream.  It was the first time my pipe smoking father, Jack, took me with him and we fished a private piece of the River Cam, just […]

My First Fish: Gordon Cheal

Read more; April 4, 2013

My Dad had arranged for me to fish a farm pond as he knew the farmer through his work. As he was coming with me to show me the way I suggested that he might as well fish, Dad agreed & would give it a go so I got him a day rod & line licence & set […]

My First Fish: Geoff Ferguson

Read more; February 20, 2013

My First Fish it was the early sixties, one very small brown trout caught on a pennal hook with a brandling worm.  Just big enough to eat and a lifelong angler ever since. Those late evenings and beautiful mornings, no matter what the weather, and yes I still have my edition of Peter & Mr. […]

My First Fish: Terry Russell

Read more; February 20, 2013

My first fish was when I was nine years old.  I was taken by school friend’s mother to the Meadow, just over Windsor and Eton Bridge. I caught nine bleak and have never looked back after 57 years of fishing!

My First Fish: Jack Curley

Read more; February 20, 2013

It was a mid summers day, and me and my friend, Will, were fishing at Glenleigh Farm Fishery, in Sticker, Cornwall. We had been there since about ten in the morning, and it was now about four thirty, and I still hadn’t caught any fish. It was time to go, so I baited my size […]

My First Fish: Les Jones

Read more; February 20, 2013

This is a photograph of me aged 7 that appeared in the Angling Times 46 years ago! I beat all the senior anglers on the club’s traditional fur and feather match.  I won a turkey, a bottle of whisky (dad had that) and a shield. Really enjoying the series, keep up the good work!

My First Fish: Joshua Pickett

Read more; February 20, 2013

I am nine years old and this was my Crabtree catch because it was my first ever fish, and I was with my dad.  It was great fun, I float fished and I’m still loving it!  I want to go more this year with my dad.  I live in Milton Keynes. Thank you! Species: Roach […]

My First Fish: Sarah Boyd

Read more; February 20, 2013

  Catching my first fish is all a bit of a blur as it happened when I was just 3 years old! Thanks to my Dad however here, I can tell you the story. I was on a family holiday in Norfolk, along with my godparents, and my dad had decided he wanted to do […]

My First Fish: George Lock

Read more; February 20, 2013

This fish is known as White Tips. He is the biggest carp in a small local lake I fish with my Parents. We had been fishing here for about 3 years, and White Tips was the only fish we all wanted to catch, especially my Mum and Dad.  I was fishing with my Dad at […]

My First Fish: Calvin Lock

Read more; February 20, 2013

I caught this 28lb carp on my first French fishing holiday with my Mum and Dad. Mum had been showing me how to cast and catapult my bait for a few days and I was keen to try it myself.  I left the lodge early while Mum and Dad were still eating breakfast and made […]

My First Fish: Glyn D Atkins

Read more; February 11, 2013

My Story: Lucy Bowden

Read more; February 4, 2013

I first began fishing aged five years, after my Dad introduced me to the sport. Dad was introduced into angling by his Grandfather, so I guess you could say fishing is something of a family tradition. I can’t quite remember my first fishing trip as I was too young however, looking back at photographs it’s […]

My First Fish – Graham Teece

Read more; January 17, 2013

My first fish?  Well it was a sequence of events that led to that happy state. It was probably sometime after that harsh winter of ’63 that I accompanied an uncle to ‘The Pit up the Old Lane’.  My mother had drummed into me never to go there as it was bottomless and here I […]

My First Fish – Chris Deady

Read more; January 17, 2013

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My First Fish – James Arnold-Baker

Read more; January 13, 2013

My grandfather was born in the 1860’s – it’s hard to believe that now. He gave me my first fishing rod. I still have it – it is around 7’ long and weighs 1lb, 7ozs! It is a two piece – the butt seems to be made of oak or ash, and the top is […]

My First Fish – Lester Holcombe

Read more; January 1, 2013

As a Crabtree kid, and one that was fishing pretty much as soon as I could hold a rod, I cannot honestly remember my first fish. I was lucky enough to have a Dad that took me fishing from a very early age and that continued right through childhood and into my teens. Dad was […]

My First Fish – Paula Battle

Read more; December 28, 2012

Everyone remembers their first. It was a popular topic in a recent Facebook thread – still running for anyone who fancies adding theirs, and prompted a whole range of answers from minnows to cod & chips. The common denominator was the clarity of that memory for every angler in what is obviously a pivotal moment.