It happens every year.  The moment you unwrap the garish paper and see the hand-knitted jumper.  You smile politely and say, “Thank you so much, Auntie Irene, it’s just what I wanted.”

We anglers are really not that tricky to buy for are we?  Some new tackle*, a copy of the beautifully written and illustrated Fishing in the Footsteps of Mr. Crabtree, or something nice and warm to wear bankside  (that won’t scare the fish) will do.

So why do our nearest and dearest constantly get it wrong?!

What are the presents that are guaranteed to end up in the charity shop on the 2nd January?  According to our very rigorous survey**, these are the worst Christmas presents you can possibly give a man – look out for our Top 5  Christmas presents NOT to give a women coming soon – or better still, give us your suggestions on our Facebook page!

1. ‘Novelty’ Christmas socks, worse still if they light up

2. A surprise wedding proposal incorporating a flash mob and the entire fishing club

3. Anything that says “Requires 6AA and 12AAA batteries (not included)”

4. Deodorant gift set – we smell good enough already… don’t we?!

5. Knitted jumper from Auntie Irene – random fish optional


*Just to be clear – that’s the ACTUAL tackle that we buy, and not the cheaper tackle that we pretend we buy….

**Probably not that rigorous. Okay, truth be told we bandied around a few ideas at Crabtree HQ and this is what we came up with.