John Bailey

James follows in Mr Crabtree’s footsteps

Fourteen year old James was our ‘Peter’ for Episode Three of Fishing in the Footsteps of Mr Crabtree.  He and his Dad joined Team Crabtree for a lovely couple of days catching pike and perch.  Here is James’ account; we think he enjoyed himself!

When we arrived we were immediately greeted by John and then Lester.  Then to my surprise a great goodie bag from Nash Tackle!  Me and my dad had a good wander round the beutiful lakes then settled down to meet the rest of the crew as they joined us from near and far.  Then Sarah cooked us some great food and off to bed at 11 to get up at 3am!!! […]

Keeping Toasty!

Here’s another post from our own John Bailey – hope you’re all keeping safe on the waterways!

Remember, you just cannot fish if you are in real physical discomfort because of cold or, come the summer, of heat. This was brought home to me just this last weekend. On the Thursday and Friday I was out guiding with two very dear friends. As you know, the temperatures have plummeted and on the Friday, the stillwater where we meant to fish was actually frozen and we had to get down to the river instead. […]

A Crabtree Moment – Will’s fish….

We’re delighted to have the wonderful John Bailey on board with Mr Crabtree.  He (and other Crabtree supporters) will be writing regularly for us on the site. Here John reminisces about one of his many ‘Crabtree moments’ and recognises that same passion as he passes on his knowledge to another aspiring young angler. […]